drone real estate videography

Drone Real Estate Videography

Drone Videography has become increasingly required in recent years, as it provides a highly informative perspective that traditional videography cannot match. By capturing aerial footage of a property, drones allow potential buyers to see the layout and features of the property in a way that is not possible from ground level. Let’s explore the benefits of using drones for real estate videography and provide tips for creating effective drone real estate videography marketing.

One of the biggest advantages of using drone real estate videography is the ability to provide a comprehensive overview of a property and capture unique perspectives. Drones can capture footage of the entire property, including the surrounding area, providing potential buyers with a sense of the property’s location and setting. This can be particularly useful for properties with large plots of land, or those located in scenic areas. This can is used to highlight a property’s features and place in reference to the surrounding areas.

Some common shots employed in drone real estate videography include:

  • Front and rear facade: Capturing the front, and /or rear of the property at a height between 15 to 40 metres depending on the size of the home. This shot focuses on just the home and excludes neighbouring properties. It may be tracking in or tracking out on the property depending on wether it is in the opening or closing portion of the video.
  • Orbit: The most commonly used shot in drone real estate videography. As the name suggests this shot involves circling the property with the home in the middle of the lower third. It should reveal the local surrounding. The height and distance from the property depends on how much the videographer wants the focus on the residence or the surrounding area. This footage may involve several shots at varying heights and distances.
  • Top down: The drone flys directly over the property with the camera shooting straight down giving a map view of the property. This is good for conveying the boundary and showing features like the pool, gardens and any ancillary buildings like a detached garage or shed, and their relation to the residence.
  • The Crane: The drone climbs directly up looking into the residence floor by floor. This shots displays the various living spaces as it ascends. A dolls house perspective. It can continue up to reveal the local area and the horizon line. The reverse of this, descending, can also work dramatically.

It is also important consideration is the editing and post-production process in drone real estate videography. Shooting the footage in high dynamic range is optimal so the colours pop, and luscious details can be emphasised. The tone of the sound track and voice over should also be considered when determining the speed of the drone and the shots required.

In conclusion, using drone real estate videography is an effective way to showcase properties in a unique and comprehensive way. They can provide potential buyers with a sense of the property’s location and setting, as well as highlight unique features and architectural details. By following the tips outlined above and using professional editing, high-quality drone real estate videography will help to sell your property successfully.

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